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But as long as I can move freely, I’ll stop the attacker. I don’t mean that you should forgive me because of that, though.

Mukuhara Kazui

Mukuhara Kazui (椋原 一威 Mukuhara Kazui) is one of the 10 prisoners in MILGRAM. His code number is 007.

He is voiced by Takeuchi Ryouta.


Some hints were given about Kazui's background in "Half", but for the time being very little has been confirmed.

Revealed in a MILGRAM Portal, Kazui has graduated university and majored in physical education. He is also well skilled in Judo, Kendo and has taken a bit of karate in his past.

Kazui is part of the Smokers Group within the prison, a group including Shidou, Mikoto, and himself.


An easy-going prisoner who is always making jokes to lighten the mood. Considers himself an old man compared to the other prisoners but is kind to everyone regardless.

Kazui likes to drink, as found out from the MILGRAM Portal, he considers it his number one hobby and can drink anything "whether it be beer wine or shochu."

Trial Results


  • Mukuhara means "aphananthe aspera, type of deciduous tree, grey starling" (椋) (muku) and "field, plain" (原) (hara).
  • Kazui means "one" (一) (kazu) and "prestige, authority, power, dignity, influence, vigor, merit, stature, virtue, pride, dominance/domination, ascendance/ascendance/ascendency/ascendancy, impression, in, mastery, potency/potence, lordship, grasp, control, whip hand, might, force, vis, puissance" (威) (i).


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